Leonardo Di Caprio confirmed to play Hoover

Leonardo Di Caprio will be playing Hoover next.

Clint Eastwood has finally got his hands on Leonardo Di Caprio. After several years of trying not fit himself into a Clint Eastwood movie and also working with Martin Scorsese he has finally realized he has to spread his wings a little. The Edgar Hoover film is based on a script by Oscar winner Dustin Lance Black.

The film has now ended up at Warner Bros and Malpaso production with Clint Eastwood set to take on the director’s chair. There is no official title for the film yet but it has been speed tracked to get a release date.

This will be performance in the lines of his seminal Howard Hughes take. Edgar Hoover was a very powerful man and it will be great to see Leonardo DiCaprio in this role. But there can also be some conservatism from Clint Eastwood part of the character being a cross dresser. The film also deals with a lot of sexuality head on. There will be enough of color in the story for both the actor and director to draw from.

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