She seems to have lost it ever since she landed in the US. The film Underworld gravitated to her new heights. She seems to be the big action superstar with a serious twist. But she seems to be losing out on the great acting talent, which sparkled in the Whit Stillman movie.

Kate Beckinsale seems to be loitering around and wasting away her years in Hollywood playing the misunderstood beauty. This was something Charlize Theron seemed to avoid all the time. Nothing But the Truth brought her back again, but it was less seen picture.

There will be another Underworld film in the works now. Kate Beckinsale and her husband are on the lookout for a director to fit the bill and make the cut for this new entry into the franchise. They are looking out for a young girl in the film as well. The production is expected to start in March 2011.

It will be interesting to see if they can take it a step in the True Blood direction. They were with vampires when no one really cared. So there might be some hope for this one.