Jennifer Aniston in a hot Judd Apatow film

Jennifer Aniston is going to play against type in the next Judd Aptow movie.

Jennifer Aniston has been making her brand of films for sometime now. People have certainly got bored of them in the last couple of years. The recent one Switch went off quite soon at the box office. So she will be trying to reinvent herself in a new avatar for Judd Aptow.

She will be seen next in Wanderlust alongside Paul Rudd. The film will be produced by Judd Aptow. It tells the story of a married couple that decides to live in a hippie commune after they can no longer afford to live in NYC.

This film will be playing on some of the Jennifer Aniston stereotype, but it will be much more rauchier. Jennifer Aniston will have to smoke some spot and probably do a whole Mary Louis Parker to make this one work. The film will be directed by Ken Marino and David Wain. So it is not certain if we will get to see anything, but we can put our fingers crossed for this sill comedy premise. So this will be a welcome change for her career, which is getting quite formulaic.

Source: Cinematical

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