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Frieda Pinto has already been offered the role in Black Thirst. The next film directed by French film director Jean Jacquie Annaud. The rest of the cast he has been eyeing are Tahar Rahim, Mark Strong and even Antonio Banderas.

It is based on an 1957 novel South of the Heart: A Novel of Modern Arabia. It tells the story of an Arab prince in 1929. He is well educated and he is married to a beautiful pricess. He is confronted with the problem of what the discovery of oil will bring to the Bedouins.

Pinto will be offered the role of an Arabian princess described as a new woman in the modern world, contemplating how women in her society will be treated. The rest of cast have not been finalized roles yet. There is a good chance Tahar Rahim will play the prince.

This will be a project to look out. So we will keep you posted on any new developments. We are huge fans of Tahar Rahim so tell us what you think about this development.

Source: The Playlist