Fassbender joins McQueen for Shame

Michael Fassbender joins Hunger director for Shame.

The two of will be joining forces once again after the critically acclaimed Hunger. The film was based on the life of IRA prisoner Bobby Sands. It was truly historical and the hunger strike seen in the film was unlike anything on celluloid. Hunger was directed by Steve McQueen and was the film that brought Michael Fassbender to the broader audience.

The next film the two of them will be working on is called Shame. It will be a drama about a man who is ruled by his sex life. Fassbender will play the role of Brandon, a 30 something man living in New York, who is unable to manage his sex life. It is not going to be a comedy. The film will be based on a script by both McQueen and abi Morgan who recently wrote Brick Lane. It will be a modern story that is deeply honest and provocative.

The film is planned for a January shoot, which will follow Fassbender’s work on X Men: First Class. But this is a great move after his recent exit from Tinker, Tailor, Soldier Spy. He will also be part of the cast for the next Jim Jarmusch film.

Steve McQueen also has another project on the life of Fela Kuti in the works. The Kuti film will be in line after he is done with Shame.

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