A film that has a mind of its own seldom comes our way. It is so absurd like the title I gave it yet very touching. The real Charlie almost exists in each of the characters surveying the grounds of each of them and taking them through journeys that his mind wishes to go.

Does the movie really need an ending or are there several unwritten ending at various places in this movie?

It takes ones tired senses to understand the depths of the images he flourishes on the screen. The mind of a human being is very non-linearly framed it scrapes at various junctures telling us some signs of undeniable exquisite beauty. This is how hard Chauffman has made it to review this truly remarkable film. Chauffman captures all the signs we see only in dreams and makes them into flakes of snow and throw it at all of us. This film makes the writer in each of us to explore our minds.

There are characters we will never be able to forget Clementine for instances takes us through several emotional journeys we fall in love with her instantly. All of will never forget Jim whose restrained emotions are things of modern acting techniques. The combination he creates with the writer makes to do with some of the most beautiful moments in this film. Jim Carrey only uses his face for some physical relief almost as if he is stuck in the character so much that his face needs to breathe. There are small hints of what is about to come but we are still dogged with the question whether they will ever come together.

After seeing the movie I wanted to write a book with a lot of spaces and very little letters to describe my own life. Just pausing in for some devastating dots but alas it might just work for a self read. When the characters begin to loose their minds they turn into lyrical souls programmed only by the fertile mind of Charlie with blots of incidents. Spike also tries to bring a certain competition with the writer but almost fails yet brings in his own customary music video images taking cinema to a place only very few want to go. There will never again a movie where a messy love story almost takes our breath away with the dreams these two people share or the moments they want to forget but we will never.