Channing Tatum has shown a lot of interest in The Contortionist’s Handbook. It is based on the book by Craig Clevenger. He has also shown interest in starring in the film as well as producing the film.

Tatum will play a forger who moves smoothly from on identity to the next because of a strict code of conduct that keeps him from getting caught or having to deal with his own troubled past. Things get worse when he falls for a beautiful woman with her own dark secret. Robin Shushan wrote the script for the book.

Tatum is on board as a co-producer with Reid Carolin. Channing Tatum has a lot of movies in the pipeline. He will be seen in the Ron Howard comedy called The Dilemma alongside Vince Vaughn and Kevin James. He will also be seen opposite Rachel McAdams. Tatum has also done his work on Haywire, which will be out soon. So this will be a good addition to the entire list of films this star has taken on.

Source: Deadline