Mickey Rourke is the Ice Man

Mickey Rourke is being signed left right and center.

ThewrestlerMickey Rourke seems too regenerated after the release of The Wrestler. There have been so much of casting news with regards to him in the last couple of weeks. He will play the villain in the anticipated Iron Man 2. He will also be joining forces with Silvester Stallone for the ultimate action film The Expendables.

He also has several other projects in the pipeline. He will play the real life mafia assassin called The Ice Man. Mickey will play the title role. The film will be based on the book by Philip Carlo. The book will tell us the life of the now dead Richard Kuklinski. The man in question killed more than 200 people in a career of over 30 years.

The film surely gel well with the sensibilities of Mickey Rourke. There were a lot of casting issues in the film. Initially the director wanted Channing Tatum to play the role. But I guess he was too young to take up this role. The writer is the one who challenged the choice and wanted Mickey Rourke to play the role.

Carlo met with Rourke and reports that “We hit it off beautifully. He’s [Rourke] really looking forward to being the Ice Man, and I think he’ll do a great job. He’s talking about it being his Raging Bull.” Wasn’t The Wrestler his Raging Bull?… Anyway, it sounds like Rourke is really passionate about this project, which may be a bit worrying, considering the dark nature of it.

Mickey Rourke will eat this role alive. It will be amazing to see how he gets into the mind of this madman. It will be amazing to see him as a sadistic murderer. The film will begin shooting in the Spring of 2010.

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