Bruce Willis Kicks Ass in Surrogates Trailer

Bruce Willis is gonna blow up everything in Surrogates.


Bruce Willis will really blow up everything on the big screen come this September 25th.

Brucie plays Agent Greer, a homicide cop in a world where surrogates have ended violence. But things go wrong and after the murder of two people and the surrogates. His surrogate too gets killed forcing his real body to step into the real world after a long time.

He blows up pretty much everything in his path, which is nice to see in a Bruce Willis film. He is supported by James Cromwell, Radha Mitchell, Ving Rhames and Rosamund Pike. Check out the trailer below.

[flv:https://talkingfilms.net/wp-content/trailers/surrogates-tr2.mp4 https://talkingfilms.net/wp-content/trailers/surrogates-tr2.jpg 545 300]

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