The film stands out with many of the Holiday releases that are yet to come out in Hollywood. The desaturated palette used in the film is probably a risk for the audiences. They are really not accustomed to it. In Europe the use of these levels of saturations has become really common.

Tomas Alfredson is excited to bring his colour sensibility state side. I hope people wont mistake this for a foreign film and not come to the theatres. The first image shows us that the director does not want to experiment with all the HD options out there. He wants his film to feel regal like the books written by John Le Carre.

There is a special mention for an actor I just noticed through theses images. Benedict Cumberbatch who is known for his work in theatre and the impressive Sherlock TV series. He is certainly one to look out for in the coming years. He will also be trying his hand on some motion capture for Peter Jackson for his magnum opus The Hobbit. Tell us what you think of the look of this film we are just loving it.