Ada Lovelace was the daughter of Lord Byron was a widely interesting woman. She will be played to the big screen by Zooey Deschanel which is really not a good sign. It would have been better if the role went to Emily Blunt. Ad worked with Charles Babbage’s early Analytical Engine, and she is considered a forerunner in the development of machines designed to do more than simple mathematical computations.

Now for Zooey to take up the role it will be really demanding: The film will be called the Enchantress of Numbers. This was a name given to Ada by Charles Babbage. The film will begin shooting this fall will be directed by Bruce Beresford. Beresford has not really taken up anything worthwhile in the last couple of years. So this will be a film that will be better left forgotten and tossed out.

Zooey can also be seen in the David Gordon Green fancy epic called your Highness. That will be something to watch out for. But this one has really veined my interest with the premise as well as the director.