Zach Galifianakis will lead The Incredible Mr Limpet

Zach gets ready for The Incredible Mr Limpet to play a fish.

Now there is going to be several remakes in the works in Hollywood here is another. Zach Galifianakis will be leading the new remake of the film called The Incredible Mr Limpet. The role was supposed to go to Johnny Depp but Zach is a really good replacement.

The story follows a shy bookkeeper who falls into the ocean and turns into a fish. He gets commissioned by the US Navy and helps in their naval efforts against the Nazi’s. Under this entire tough atmosphere he eventually also finds love.

The studios are going in overdrive once they got Zach out for this film. The film will be directed by the guy behind the sweet Enchanted. So it will be nice to see Amy Adams return for this movie as well.

Mr Limpey will be expected to come out sometime next year now. But before that there are enough films of Zach in the pipeline which will hit the big screen this year itself.

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