Wim Wenders

After James Cameron slayed most of his competition in the 3D stratosphere: it is now time for Wim Wenders to take up the new found technology. Wim Wenders has recently finished shooting his short Italian 3D feature titled Il Volo.

The film is a 27 minute whose title translates to The Flight. The film stars Ben Gazzara as the mayor of a Calabrian village who initiates a program in 1997 to try to integrate a set of Kurdish refugees into the dwindling population of his own people.

The film boasts an extremely modest budget of 500,000 dollars funded by Calabrian investors and utilizing free for-scale workers.

Il Vivo seeks to extend the country’s tradition of neorealism. “3D can be a way to heighten a sense of naturalistic, rather than supernatural reality,” says producer Gianfranco Borgatti.

I think 3D will be something to look out for in Wim wenders film. He might pave the way for some really good ideas with the technology which elevate the film above its mediocre beginnings.