Tom McCarthy

Tom McCarthy has made some of the decades most mature and sought after films the Station Agent and The Visitor. His next film will be on the lighter side for the first time. It is called Win Win and it will be sort of autobiographical.

The film is drawn from the director’s own experiences. It is about how a rough and tumble runaway changes the lives of a suburban New Jersey family and turns around the luck of a high school wrestling team.

The film is only loosely based on the friendship between him and former wrestling teammate Joe Tiboni. Now the director is looking to cast an unknown in the role of Kyle who has a kind nature, but also a simmering anger from having been in an unstable and abusive home.

The director Tom McCarthy has worked with industry most sought after talents like Richard Jenkins, Bobby Cannavale and Patricia Clarkson. He has now turned over a new leaf and is looking to direct real people in impossible situations. Now the talented director and the actor Paul Giamatti are scouting for 14 year old kids with a passion and eye for acting.