After Denzel Washington did his thing with Book of Eli. Now here is Will Smith’s chance to make some more money. So Smith is attached to act and produce The Legend of the Cain. It is going to be a retelling of the biblical tale of the brothers Cain and Able. The film will take a more graphic approach and probably an extremely silly version.

There is going to be vampires in this one. Why does Hollywood to enter the world of Bible? It is getting almost hopeless. Inception really became the toast with an absolute new concept. It is still not clear whether Will Smith will be taking up this film. Will Smith is trying to make some quick buck of these horrible vampires. The vampires were dead in Let the Right on In period. There really needs to be a reinvention.

The Legend of Cain is still in the development stages so there is just going to be a lot of talk. Will Smith still needs to solidify his star status. He is probably insecure after his son showed a brave showing with his childish Karate Kid.