Another actor has been plucked out from the silly Twilight universe and put into the more serious and heady X Men: First Class. The film already has the likes of James McAvoy. Edi Gathegi, who was last seen as the dreadlocked Laurent in the Twilight series, he was also a part of the House series. He has a series regular and showed a lot of promise.

He will now join X Men to play Darwin. He will be a mutant who gains power of reactive evolution. He is a character who will be able to adapt to any situation. If he was put in water he would grow gills.

The actor Edi has just over with his work on Paul Johansson’s Atlas Shrugged, an adaptation of the famed author Ayn Rand.

X Men: First Class is currently going through some redrafts. The film will be directed by Mathew Vaughn. It already feature’s stars like Michael Fassbender, Alice Eve, Nicholas Hoult, Jennifer Lawrence and a recent addition Kevin Bacon. This one is going to be something crazy to look forward to.

Source: Deadline