Michael Bay will be out of work only for a little while after he has done work on the final part of the Transformers film. There have been a lot of Alien battles fought with the humans this time round at the Comic Con. Now the explosion specialist Michael Bay has his eye set on another Alien Project. It is just being called the Confidential Alien Project.

Michael Bay will destroy the whole genre to shreds. It will be a weird cross between Cloverfield and Paranormal Activity. This is really getting out of hand. Everyone wants to do Alien movies. I think Adam Sandler should be a part of one of them soon, just so that we can see him get blown up.

So the film will be produced by Michael Bay and Steven Schneider and it will be done by a silly first timer director Bobby Glickert. This film will go through the beaten track and will just be a waste of time and place.

Source: Deadline