The word of mouth on this one is really getting quite bit. At the Comic Con the trailer and the footage shown also gave a lot to cheer about. Now Joseph Kosinski the director is already in line to make another film called Oblivion.

His Slate is already full with Disney signing him up for another movie called The Black Hole, which will be a remake.There is also Archangels for Legacy. Then, there is also talk about a sequel to Tron Legacy in the works. He will not join that one.

Oblivion is a science fiction love story about a soldier who works on a future set earth, where the population lives above the clouds as a result of the surface of the earth having become uninhabitable. This soldier repairs drones that patrol the desolate surface and destroy savage aliens known as Scavengers, when a woman crashes to the surface in a craft and they set off on a journey of discovery and adventure.

This is surely in line with all the high flying we got to see in the new Tron Legacy trailer. According to Deadline, Kosinski had intended Oblivion to be his first film. Tron Legacy took up most of his life for the past 3 years. So this film has enough potential for a grand scale extravaganza