Tree of Life finally gets rating

Brad Pitt's film is closer to the end of its post production.

The Brad Pitt starrer will be seeing a release date sooner than we think. There has not been any new imagery or photos from the film. Everyone is really excite about this news on the film’s front. So there is a good chance that we might get to see the film sometime by the end of this year.

The film ended up getting a easy PG 13 rating which is a good sign for the distributors and producers of the film. Apparation is still not certain about the release date of the film. But the November release still seems really unlikely. Since there is no confirmation from the producer’s front we hope to hear from them after this piece of news.

Tree of Life is one of the most anticipated films of this year so there will be a lot of buzz once we get to see some press on this film. Sean Penn is also part of this cast and it will something to watch out for this year or the next.

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