Now a film starring Zach Galifianakis and Rob Corddry is not getting translated to the big screen for various reasons. One of the biggest problems being the fact that the studios have just become dumber that is all. The film is titled Operation Endgame that could be one more reasons for this straight to DVD release.

The film is about two groups of assassins who are forced to hunt each other down when their boss is murdered. This probably sounds really lame. But if you add a diabetic Assassin played by Zach Galifianakis into the mix it is pure dynamite.

The film also stars Maggie Q, Ving Rhames, Adam Scott, bob Odenkirk, Jeffery Tambor. It seriously feel like a b grade film with this sort of cast. But if you think of the second team played by Emilie De Ravin, Joe Anderson, Ellen Barkin, Odette Yustman and Brandon T. Jackson this feels like it must have been a colossal mess to be missed. The film will be coming out in DVD on July 27 th. For the time being check out the trailer above and tell us what you think about it.