Will Oldham has associated himself with some really good films and directors. He is now in the new film by R. Alverson and it is called New Jerusalem. The film stars Will Oldham and Colm O’Leary. The story is about a lot of things here is a small synopsis from the film.

New Jerusalem trailer from r. alverson on Vimeo.

A meditation on friendship, human need and frailty, New Jerusalem explores the allure and limitations of modern utopian belief. Sean (Colm O’Leary), an Irish immigrant to America, returning from a non-combat tour of duty in Afghanistan, finds his heart and mind in disarray. He befriends Ike (Will Oldham, AKA Bonnie “Prince” Billy), a strong willed evangelical, who endeavors to ensure his salvation. Inundated by a relentless fragility, Sean is confronted by a choice between the temptation of certainty and the chaos of the world around him.

The film it seems looks like a film out of the Dardenne catalogue. It will surely be a critical praised movie. It seems to feel like a thriller but it might just be otherwise. There is finally something we can catch after so long. There has been a dearth of stories in Hollywood. So it was up to these small timers to show the way.

The film should release sometime in 2010.