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The next film from the crazy mind of Zach Snyder will really blow a lot of people away for its sheer imagination. The film looks like a cross of a lot of things and it will be the most talked about in the days to come. Zach Snyder was a little down on his luck with the movie adaptation of Watchmen. He really screwed it up real bad. Then there was 300 from Frank Miller, which really launched career and a looked a little gay. So now he is trying to get his career back with this mindless movie.

The movie surrounds a character named Baby Doll who is institutionalized in a horrible place where women are molested, have to scrub floors and have also dance for no reason. Baby Doll is triggered by an insane speech given by Carla Gugino and all hell breaks loose after that. Baby Doll recruits four people in this mission out of reality. They include hotties like Jena Malone, Vanessa Hudgens, Abbie Cornish and Jamie Chung. So this adventure they undertake will let them get freedom from the real world in some convoluted way.

So there is no point trying to make sense of this film. It is just meant for ass kicking and lot of CGI effect in dark compositions. It will be worth a single trip to the theater for the ladies otherwise you can just pass.