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EverybodysFine 3Robert De Niro has been having a series of bad films in the last couple of months. He tried to revive it a little bit with Al Pacino last year. But this year he seems to come up with Stone and Everybody’s Fine both by credible directors. There is a chance for some Oscar glory with these releases. Everybody’s Fine has debut its new trailer out and seems to give out the right messages.

The film has an amazing supporting cast in the form of Kate Beckinsale, Sam Rockwell and Drew Barrymore. So this will bring in the crowds but it is the appreciation that matters in the end. So you can expect a neat little hit and that should be it. The film is directed by Kirk Jones of bad movies like Waking Ned Devine and Nanny McPhee. The only good thing going for this film that it is a remake of Giuseppe Tornatore who directed the glorious Cinema Paradiso. The film will be released in December.

Here is the trailer after the jump.