Patricia Clarkson comes out with another indie trailer. The film is titled Cairo Time. She will be starring alongside one of my favorite actors from Syriana Alexander Siddig. He really stole the show from the rest of the stars who were on board for this film. He also played a small cameo in the 24 series.

Clarkson is known for her work in Six Feet Under, Pieces of April and even the recent Shutter Island. Her work has gone quite unnoticed but she slowly has pulled herself together.

Cairo Time is the new film directed by Ruba Nadda. It is both written and directed by her. Her previous film was called Sabbah. She has also directed some award winning short film and around 17 feature films. Cairo Time premiered at the Toronto Film Festival last year.

Cairo will arrive in limited theaters starting on August 6 th. Check out the trailer and tell us what you think.