The red band trailer for Middle Men just came out. But don’t get your hopes too high it is directed by the guy behind horrible movies like double Take and the recent My Mom’s New Boyfriend. So when nothing sold for him he took on the industry which started and made the internet proud.

This seems to be like the Lord of War of this year. But if done by a horrible director I warn things might just get nasty. The film stars Luke Wilson who is trying to sell that which cannot be named. He was the man who put a show for the world on the internet. In the process he made a lot of money and enemies.

Luke will play Jack Harris who was one of the pioneers of internet commerce as he tries to wrestle with his morals and tries not to lose himself in the industry which is known for its mobsters, drug addicts and of course who can forget porn stars.

Middle Men is both written and directed by George Gallo and has all the makings of a great comedy but it won’t live up to it.