Mark Ruffalo

Mark Ruffalo has not really gone back to his You can Count on Me days. It really makes me want to miss him every time I see that. Now there are traces of what he had done in that film in this new one called The Kids are All Right.

The film still seems to get stuck in the mainstream bracket by trying to show some level of progression. Why can’t filmmakers see this? They have been systematically being fooled to think this is great cinema. The filmmakers by trying to get into threatening sexual politics and finding meaning in all this is not films are all about. But will there be a silver lining in this specimen with such a powerful cast.

We already discussed Mark then there is Julianne Moore, Annette Bening who plays a couple with two kids by the same man. The line will surely get you hooked to this but what plays out is a comedy of sexuality. But is there any ray of hope in this yeah it will be a small silent hit with the audiences. But it is really playing to what they want and wish to experience in the cinema halls.

The trailer gives away a lot of what plays out in the film. But we are not review the trailer but what we will eventually see in this. There will certainly be moments to cherish and to take back in this film. But will this be worth all the effort we put watching this pack of lies. Alas all lies survives.