Trailer Watch: James McAvoy and Helen Mirren in Last Station

James McAvoy shines in the Last Station.

Last Station

The Last Station has already released in many of the theaters around the US. But I really liked the look of this particular trailer. The reviews have been generally mixed. But everyone has been heaping a lot of praise on James McAvoy in the last couple of weeks.

The film tells the story of a the great Russian author Leo Tolstoy. It is being called a complex funny, rich, emotional, and true story about the difficulty of living with love and the impossibility of living without it. The film also stars Christopher Plummer as Tolstoy and is joined by Helen Mirren as the feisty Sofya Tolstoy. The film also stars Paul Giamatti and James McAvoy.

The story talks about the 50 year marriage of Countess Sofya and Leo Tolstoy. She is a woman who has copied out War and Peace around six times. In the name of his newly created religion, the great Russian novelist has renounced his noble title, his property and even his family in favor of poverty, vegetarianism and even celibacy.

Now the drama unfolds when Tolstoy’s trusted disciple convinces her husband to sign a new will leaving the rights to his iconic novels to the Russian people rather than his very own family, Sofya is consumed by outrage. The new will causes her a lot of grief and she pledges to take on the disciple and leads to some harsh consequences.

Into this crazy raucous enters James McAvoy who plays Leo Tolstoy’s new Assistant. He tries to do whatever he can to make everything work for him. James McAvoy in no time becomes a pawn, first of the scheming Chertkov and then of the wounded, vengeful Sofya as each plots to undermine each others gains. But then he finds Marsha played by the beautiful Kerry Condon, a free thinker and also one of the disciples of Tolstoy’s new religion.

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It is essentially a tale of two romance where one ends and the other begins to blossom. The film has already released in limited theaters in the US.


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