New Avatar Featurette talks about Fantasy

Avatar will make up many of the non believers after these two featurettes.


We are now closing in on the release of Avatar. The film will be premiered on the 12 th at the upcoming Dubai Film Festival. So loads of people are going to get there before the big release on the 18 th of this month.

Here is another interesting Featurette courtesy from the makers of the film. Zoe Saldana is something to look forward to in this movie. It is her voice that really sucks you into this film.

The Featurette is apart of two shorts that will be premiered in theaters all soon. The video is titled Avatar Story Featurette. James Cameron gives a hint to where this film will be going. It will be straying away from Science fiction but will be in line with Science Fantasy. After watching these two Featurettes you will be prepared for this great picture event.

The first part of this is beautiful Featurette and gives idea of this world where these people inhabit. Now the next Featurette is one of the greatest things out there. It makes you familiar with the world that these people inhabit. I have feeling after the release of this movie there is going to be loads of fantasy theme parks that are going to be creates. But will the money for this project really run out. We will have to wait and watch.

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