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This movie should have not even left the shelves of the libraries. But the cast is one reason why we could get to watch this mediocre film. Ever since Allen Ginsberg as a character was featured in I’m not There. I have been avidly reading many of his diary entries and loads of his work. So a movie was sort of premature on the makers part.

The film has a good cast starting with James Franco to play Allen Ginsberg. The year is 1957 and he is about to put pen to paper on his masterpiece called Howl. But before anything was possible he had to face the wrath of the public for being too obscene.

Franco is joined by Mary Louise Parker one of my favorite all time, Jon Hamm, Jeff Daniels and David Strathairn it looks like a mix of indie and arthouse not a great one. So there is just a film made for more Oscar fodder.