Trailer Watch: Chloe Moretz is an angel in Let Me In

Chloe Moretz really does not get any scope over here, but look scary.

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The campaign for the new film has just been turned up a notch. I know many of you have no clue about the original version, but it really did not warrant a remake. It was really that good. There will be a whole lot of convincing to make this one even remotely work. The trailers have been really horrible.

Matt Reeves who is known for his lesser work in Cloverfield really should be allowed to make anything. The new trailer is a mix of many of the old trailers, which were featured. Chloe Moretz is really getting to see a lot of fanfare for this. But this film really needs a lot of treatment to get right. Please check out the original film and then support us by not going for this farce.

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  1. With the controversy of remake vs orig around this movie, I’m getting interested. I’m going to watch “Let the Right One In” before watching “Let me in”. But then again, I sometimes watch horror movies for reasons other than the story, such as Quarantine for Jennifer Carpenter, Christine for the 1958 Plymouth Fury, 28 Weeks Later for Rose Byrne, etc.


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