Here is a film to watch out for. I’m really a sucker for most of the films starring Michael Fassbender. I just lost it after watching him in Hunger. He seems to channel a lot of his spirit in this one as well.

The film is directed by Neil Marshall. It is called Centurion. The film deals with the story of missing Romans who were slaughtered and laid to rest in the battlefield. Centurion takes place in the minutes immediately following the slaughter.

Marshall the directed seems to be fascinated with the same idea of Romans having whole lot of rules and regulations and stuff. Here it deals with the encroachment of a place where people are inhabited and are really territorial. The trailer has some really good shots that stick out like fire to a straw. They are visually really worth our time spent in the theater.

The film also stars Dominic West who is also a great actor. He is known for his work on the Wire. So with the cast like this nothing really can go wrong.

Centurion still does not have a release date. So that will be an issue we wold like to discuss in the coming weeks.