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One of the most anticipated films of the next year Luc Besson’s film Adele Blanc Sec is surely on top of the list. We have already posted some pictures from the film sometime back. We were really waiting for a trailer of this film really soon. It is something like Indiana Jones. We had already discussed much of the story of the film.

The trailer is really looking like it is going to blow us away. There is also some Behing the scenes footage that can be checked out at the official site of the film. The production design is one of the best parts of the film. It is done by Hugues Tissandier and some beautiful costumes by Olivier Beroit. There is also some really good shot from the film.

The film cost around 25 million euros. The film looks like a mashup of a Steven Spielberg and George Lucas film. This will turn out to be quite a sight if it released before the much planned Tintin films. Here comes your competition.