The Bob Marley Documentary is on hold

Jonathan Demme's Bob Marley documentary is on hold.

marleyNews just in that the Bob Marley adaptation will be on hold. The project was under the Weinstein Company and was announced back in 2008. At that time Martin Scorsese was said to direct the film. But the film was passed on to Jonathan Demme.

So it was in the summer of May that Jonathan Demme took over the project from the overworked Martin Scorsese. Now there are reports that Jonathan Demme has also left the project and will be helming a Neil Young Trunk Show. “What happened hasn’t fully happened yet,” Demme said alluding to the documentaries internal problems. “The Marley documentary is on absolute hold. The portrait that I fashioned from all the archival footage of Bob Marley is one that I love very much, but [that love] is not shared by the financiers and the project is on complete hold at the moment and there’s a lot of discussion going on geared to try and find the most positive possible resolution to this situation.”

But it was not a delay from the side of the director but the producers were not impressed by the project. The final word on the project is Steve Bing who seems to be less interested in the project. So the final cut after it goes through several rounds of discussions and arguments we should see it up and ready early next year.

Jonathan Demme seems to be getting into a lot of documentary in the last couple of years. So there will be loads of documentaries in the works for him. He has some interest in making a film on Reverend Jermiah Wright. He was one of the problems in the President Obama’s campaign. There is also a New Orleans project also in the works for the director.

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