Tahar Rahim joins Les Hommes Libres

Tahar Rahim will have a pair of films ready for Cannes next year.

Ismael Ferroukhi has gotten hold of Tahar Rahim for his next film called Free Men. It puts Tahar Rahim in a role that might recall of his obvious breakout role.

Tahar Rahim is known for his breakout role in A Prophet. He had one the Ceasar, for the Best Actor, for the film. Ferroukhi on the other hand directed Le Grand Voyage back in 2004, and has also worked in short films as well.

Tahar Rahim is right now working on Love and Bruises which we had headlined couple of months back. So if this film gets ready for the Cannes next year it will be the first time since Gael Garcia Bernal where he has two films at the same time. He will be joined with actors Mahmoud Shalaby and Michael Lonsdale for this film. Here is a small synopsis of the film via ioncinema.

Arrested by the French police, Younes is accused of complicity and threatened with being shot. But the police detective offers him a deal: his freedom in exchange for keeping surveillance over the Paris Mosque, which is suspected of helping Resistance fighters and Jews. In the Mosque, Younes meets Algerian-born singer Salim Halali. Touched by his voice and personality, he becomes friends with him, discovering soon afterwards that he is Jewish. Despite the risks, Younes puts an end to his collaboration with the police. A friendship was born between Younes and Salim, which develops as events unfold. Anti-Jewish laws and German repression don’t prevent Salim from continuing his activities as a singer. But the net gradually tightens around him. One evening, Salim is arrested by the Gestapo suspect him of hiding his Jewish identity. Faced with this barbarity, immigrant worker Younes, who has no political education, gradually turns into a freedom activist.

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