Carey Mulligan will be on for My Fair Lady

Carey Mulligan is still on board for the planned My Fair Lady remake.

Emma Thompson has been hard at work on the planned remake of My Fair Lady. The film will now star Carey Mulligan. The starring role has been finally confirmed, but the project is still not on for a while. The planned shooting for the film will start next year.

Here is what Carey Mulligan had to confirm on the film.

“It’s not happening this year,” Mulligan told WorstPreviews. “I’ve definitely spoken about it, and I would love to do it if it happens, but it’s just not happening right now.”

“I read the script and the script is incredible. Emma Thompson wrote it. It’s telling the story again, in another way and not trying to sort of copy anything and not trying to take away anything from that version of it. It’s just telling it in a new era to a new generation of people.”

The project will be directed by John Madden. There were loads of other directors who were said to helm the project, but finally the dust has settled on John Madden. Hugh Grant was briefly attached to star in the film. Carey Mulligan can certainly hold a tune, but it is still going to be difficult to better on Audrey Hepburn.

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