After making the hugely successful Little Miss Sunshine, Johnathan Dayton and Valerie Faris have announced another potential project called The Abstinence Teacher. It is based on the Tom Perrota sex novel of the same name. The book revolves around a divorced sex education teacher in middle America who is at odds with the town’s more conservative groups. At the same time, she falls for the daughter of the born again soccer coach.

The director have been working to get this project of the floors for sometime now. They already have the backing of two stars Sandra Bullock and returning star Steve Carell.

Most of the work adapted for the screen based on Tom’s novels have been exceptional. No one can forget the work he put in to make the powerful Little Children directed by Todd Field. The other big success was Election directed by Alexander Payne.

The director duo will be working to get this as their next project. So they will be ready to wait untill this materializes. It is really a good sign for them.

Source: Production Weekly