Ridley Scott and his looming career

Ridley Scott has kind of lost his mind and is talking a lot of gibberish these days.

After the horrible debacle of Robin Hood it is certain that Ridley Scott has been losing his touch for some time now. He really got it all wrong for Robin Hood not really giving us any real respite. Now he plans to go down with an attempt at directing an Alien prequel. There is also an impending Forever War adaptation. He is also planning to get his hands dirty with a Western with Larry McMurtry who wrote Brokeback Mountain.

Ridley is still not certain about his production company. So there needs to be a lot of changes one could be retirement an early one. Scott confirmed some details about Alien but the Western is not in the near future though.

“I sat thinking about the franchise, which now has died… And I always thought, ‘no one has ever asked… who the hell is the Space Jockey?’ So it’s written and I’m prepping it now.” So it’s about the big alien who was found dead in the chair in the spaceship in the first Alien. Ridley added that it takes place “way before” Alien because he’s going to try and “squeeze in” two prequels, as we already know. But why?

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“Because if you explain who he was and where he comes from, then that will deal with the savagery of this version [the 1979 Alien], which is pretty savage. Then you may want to find out wherethey came from, so you may want to go to him, and go to there place where his people come from.”

There is surely going to be a lot of research that is needed on his part to take up a project of this magnitude. But he is still confused with all the planets and their moons surrounding them. So it will be frightening for him to take up this project.

“The closer it is to the truth, and the closer it is to the technological feasibility, then it becomes that much more interesting, and if it’s a film like I’m going to do, then it becomes a lot morefrightening.”

He really sounds like a broken record but who is really noticing. I guess people should lose hope on this guy. He seems to be a little too absent minded to attempt something of this magnitude. He seems to be talking the Dalia Lama with all the drivel he has been throwing to the press.

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