Review: ‘The Last Jedi’ is a Flawed Entertaining Disappointment

The Last Jedi is a misstep in the Star Wars Franchise.

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Every movie in a big budget movie franchise always get scrutinized a lot more especially if it fails to live up to expectations. Not just any expectations, but those of true hardcore fans and that is the case with this film. The Last Jedi has a lot of positives but the negatives outweigh it more. The problem with fans is that they always compare each film to the original Star Wars trilogy and rightfully so since those films were ahead of their time when they were made. But when you compare each movie with the corresponding original, episode 8 is being compared to episode V: The Empire strikes back, the last Jedi comes out painfully behind.

The problem with Episode 7 and 8 is that if you were to watch it as a standalone film, you would not even care to know what happens next. There seems to be a lack of continuity with the story. It looks like Disney is playing it safe with semi happy endings. You have pretty weak bad guys and no one as powerful as Palpatine or Darth Vader. In episode 7, the rebels are running away from the First order and guess what happens in this one, the same. They will most likely fight back in the next one. The story and the dialogues were the weakest points with this film. I think this film had the poorest dialogues compared to any other movie in the franchise. There were some bad cringe worthy scenes as well as unwanted humor at the wrong times. The pacing of the film was another problem. The third act was fast with the second act feeling like a drag.

On the bright side, the movie had really good cinematography, well choreographed fight sequences and good acting. If you have seen the film and think that the ending fight sequence was amazing, well the rogue one ending sequence with Vader was way better. If you are not a Star Wars fan, you will love this film. It is an entertaining blockbuster that will break records at the box office in the days to come.

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