Charlotte Gainsbourg has been hitting on her inner sanctum in the last couple of years. This year especially she blew all the Cannes Jury away with her performance in AntiChrist. Now she will invest in her madness along with Romain Duris one of my favorite French actors in Persecution.

Charlotte Gainsbourg will play Sonia while Romain Duris will play Daniel, a couple sharing a love/hate relationship. When a mysterious man turns up in Daniel’a apartment, he assumes it a one time chance encounter. Daniel first thinks it is probably Sonia playing a prank on him. But the moment she breaks up with him weird questions begin to arise.

Here is the trailer. It is in French so only for those of you who are from France.

This is going to be something special because of the star performers in the film. One of the best things about the film is direction by Patrice Chereau who is known for his on films like Queen Margot and the lyrical Intimacy.