Marion Cotillard joins Living is Better than Dying

Marion Cotillard is having fun with all the opportunities thrown her way.

Roman Duris has just got a big hit in his hands with his latest movie Heartbreaker. The director of the film Pascal Chaumeil has recast him in another film called Living is Better than Dying. He is looking out for an actress for the new comedy.

Marion Cotillard has shown interest to act in the film. It tells the story of a likeable dreamer who takes refuge in a hotel from the police; once there he buys himself time by pitching an over the top blockbuster to a Hollywood producer. The film will be expected to hit the cameras some time in 2011.

Chaumeil on the other hand will be working on a remake to his hugely successful French film Heartbreaker. Marion will be a great fit to the next film and will join the likes of Romain Duris for the first time.

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