We have just got hold of some pictures from the latest offering of Johnny Depp titled Alice in Wonderland. We had just debuted the trailer now you can check out the pictures that also can be seen in the trailer. The movie is looking better every time a trailer comes out for the film. Here is a collection of high resolution images from the film.

Click the images to access the high resolution version of them

Some of the action shots can be viewed with some added detail to each of the images. This is certainly going to be a treat for the eyes. But will it match up to the spectacle of Avatar is to be seen and felt.

Alice in Wonderland is directed by Tim Burton who is known for his work on films like Edward Scissorhands and the Batman franchise. The script was written by Linda Woolverton who is part of the Disney family. The film is based on the Lewis Carroll beloved series of book. It heralded the new genre called nonsense literature. Alice in Wonderland plans to go both digital in 3D and 2D theaters next year.