On The Road is set for summer production

On the Road really worked on many levels as a literature but what will Walter Salles do with it?


This is going to bring a smile to many of you out there. Walter Salles will be finally making movie based on the prized book of the Beat Generation called On The Road. The book was written by Jack Kerouac. It really took people to places when they first read it. The book centers on two men Sal Paradise and Dean Moriarty who journey across the North American landscape in pursuit of self knowledge and experience.

Along the way they encounter several people who make an impression on their lives. Salles already went on the same journey taken by Kerouac along the same landscapes to have a feel of what is going to translate on to the screen. Part of the journey included interviews with many of the still existing Beat Poets. There was a documentary taken by Walter Salles that also included several other people who were influenced by the novel.
Walter Salles is known for his extraordinary work on Motorcycle diaries. A film that still brings tears to my eyes and it felt like every scene reeked with fire and the smell of smoke. There were some unforgettable performances in that by Gael Garcia Bernal. Bernal still works in that same framework. He is still not compromised after all these years. Salles also got little bit of the cast sorted out with Hedlund Eyes probably playing Dean Moriarty.

Hedlund was just recently kicked out of a chance to play Captain America. He was probably sore with what happened in that he took the less beaten path. The path that lead him to Jack Kerouac: he will be seen in the Disney film this year called Tron Legacy.

On the Road was in the hands of Francis Ford Coppola for years. He will part with it once the shooting for the film will begin this summer. I m really excited to see what will happen on screen to this seminal work of literature.

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