Noah Baumbach does rewrites for Madagascar 3

Noah Baumbach having some fun and making money doing it.

It is funny as hell and really stupid. So it is really silly to hear Noah Baumbach doing rewrites for the franchise Madagascar. It is just a way for Noah to get some dough for his next film. He also has known to have done some work for Town Heist, which will star his friend Ben Stiller. He is in the process of making a kids film Mr Popper’s Penguins with Stiller to star, but it did not work.

Dreamworks has been getting writers on their projects so that they can have better content out there for the audience. Kung Fu Panda also had rewrites from Charlie Kaufman recently. So this will be an ongoing thing probably we will get to see Paul Haggis doing something for another silly sequel to Monsters Vs. Aliens. It is the time of the Nuts.

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