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These set of images are just outstanding. Natalie Portman has been really worked on for the Black Swan by director Darren Aronofsky. His last film The Wrestler got him noticed all around Hollywood for its gritty realism. His films began to look like some of the works of the Dardenne brothers. This is not as easy a feat to achieve for a guy who gave us The Fountain.

Darren has been hard at work on the supernatural ballet drama that will be opening at the Venice Film Festival in couple of months. USA Today once has got their hands on some of the most beautiful images from the film. The head shot of Natalie Portman is the one which will take you away.

Black Swan also stars Mila Kunis as her rival dancer, Winona Ryder, Sebastian Stan, Barbara Heshey and Vincent Cassel.

Now the question of the plot it is a rather confusing one. Here is a synopsis via USA today.

The dark tale with psychological twists and stars Natalie Portman as Nina, a technically brilliant ballerina whose life takes some strange turns after being picked as the lead in a [NYC] production ofSwan Lake. Pressures mount as her overbearing mother (Hershey) pushes her to succeed and her manipulative dance master commands her to be more seductive and loose in her performance. Complicating that is the arrival of Lily (Kunis), a sultry dancer who exhibits all the innate ease and sexuality that Nina lacks. Nina begins to fixate on the newcomer as the two forge an unusual relationship.

This will put your mind in a spin. There will be various themes addressed in this one other than the dance form itself.