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She has been working on her look for the production of her latest film My Week with Marilyn. She looks the part after some work on her. Marilyn will get a beautiful upgrade with this new film in the pipeline. The interest in the yesteryear actress has been waning in the last couple of years. So this film will bring her back on top.

The project will star Michelle Williams and will be directed by TV veteran Simon Curtis. It will also star Kenneth Branagh playing Olivier. Eddie Remayne will also be joining the cast of the film. The supporting cast also includes Judi Dench. She will be playing actress Sybil Thorndike. Julia Ormond will be playing the wife of Olivier Vivien Leigh, Dougray Scott as Monroe’s huband Arthur Miller. The rest of the cast includes Derek Jacobi, Dominic Cooper and Emma Watson.

The new image from the film is finally out and looks really something. Williams was initially hesitant to get away from the part. “I knew I wouldn’t be able to resist, eventually. Physically and vocally, everything about her is different from me. I’ve kind of gone to school and had teachers to help me understand Marilyn, so I could project an essence of her.”

Williams also sounds like she is really affected by the role.

“When I first approached the part, I though that there were three, even four parts to Marilyn”—the public figure, the private figure, and the recreation of Monroe’s performance in “The Prince and the Showgirl.”

Williams will be one of the front runners for the Oscar in 2012. The rushes have gotten people quite excited in the last couple of weeks. So we will be expecting the best for this great star.