Michael Sheen has not been a good deal in most of his films in the last couple of years. He finally gets to do a movie with Toni Collette who is a really powerful star. The film will be directed by Dennis Lee and is called Jesus Henry Christ. It is based on a student winning film of the same name.

The story follows a boy born in a Petri dish. He discovers a whole new world up meeting his half sister. He works his way in trying to find who biological father lives is. It is a hilarious film and the two of the stars are really good at comedy. Sheen will play the professor who is also the father of the boy, and Collette will play the left wing feminist mother.

The director’s first film did not do so well because of pretty bad casting on the films part. It was called Fireflies in the Garden and it starred Ryan Reynolds, Julia Roberts and Emily Watson. This time around Julia Roberts will be producing the movie.

I think the film will largely work if the chemistry between Sheen and Collette actually works. The film will begin shooting in Toronto this week.