Mel Gibson takes a Vacation next

Mel Gibson signs a string of really good project for the future.


Mel Gibson has been getting loads of starring roles in the last couple of weeks. His next project will be Edge of Darkness and the Jodie Foster directed The Beaver. He will also be starring alongside Leonardo DiCaprio in a Viking film. This will be an action drama to look out for.

Here is another action drama called How I Spent My Summer Vacation.

Summer Vacation centers on a career criminal who gets caught by Mexican authorities and is set to a drug and crime filled prison, where he learns how to survive with the help of a 9 year old boy.

The film is written by Mel Gibson himself. He will not be directing the film but will instead be in the acting of the film. Vacation is a film that will be directed by Adrian Grunberg. He was the assistant director on Gibson’s film Apocalypto.

The film will start shooting this March in San Diego and Veracruz, Mexico. This film will be sure to be violent. But the violence will be very tastefully shot. Check this space for anymore updates on the film.

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