Daniels has been high on the success of Precious. But he is a little down with the recognition it did not get. He was planning to make a movie called Selma. It would have been a Civil rights drama. But he has been trying to get finances for the film. So he might just walk away from the project.

Daniels is now closed to signing a deal with Sony Pictures to re write and direct The Butler. It is drama which tells the true story of Eugene Allen. He is a servant in the White House that worked through eight presidents from Harry S. Truman to Ronald Reagen. So there is a chance that Selma might be a closed book. Denzel Washington is in talks to play the lead in The Butler.

The article which surfaced in The Washington Post also gave us a peek into the life of Allen and most of his work. Truman used to call him Gene while Ford would talk golf with the man. And even tragedy struck in the form of John F. Kennedy‘s assassination, Allen was invited to the funeral. He declined to attend because,

“someone had to be at the White House to serve everyone after they came from the funeral.”

Daniels will be starting work on the script. The Butler has the potential to shoot before the year is out. So he will work on this as a follow-up to Precious.

Source: Firstshowing