J.J. Abrams produces Victorian Robot Boilerplate

J.J. Abrams gets excited over Victorian Robot film.

Paramount Pictures have bought the rights to a graphic novel series called Boilerplate: History’s Mechanical Marvel. It is written by Paul Guinan and Anina Bennet. It tells the story of the creation of the world’s first robot, built in the late nineteenth century. J.J. Abrams has been tapped to produce a feature film adaptation.

Here is a short synopsis of the film.

Meet Boilerplate, the world’s first robot soldier—not in a present-day military lab or a science-fiction movie, but in the past, during one of the most fascinating periods of U.S. history. Designed by Professor Archibald Campion in 1893 as a prototype, for the self-proclaimed purpose of “preventing the deaths of men in the conflicts of nations,” Boilerplate charged into combat alongside such notables as Teddy Roosevelt and Lawrence of Arabia. Campion and his robot also circled the planet with the U.S. Navy, trekked to the South Pole, made silent movies, and hobnobbed with the likes of Mark Twain and Nikola Tesla.

You say you’ve never heard of Boilerplate before? That’s because this book is the fanciful creation of a husbandand-wife team who have richly imagined these characters and inserted them into accurate retellings of history. This full-color chronicle is profusely illustrated with graphics mimicking period style, including photos, paintings, posters, cartoons, maps, and even stereoscope cards. Part Jules Verne and part Zelig, it’s a great volume for a broad range of fans of science fiction, history, and robots.

This will keep you guessing on what is in store for this film.

Source: Holllywood Reporter

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