The film will be directed by the guys behind American Speldor. It is called Imogene, a dark comedy that is a labor of love and one that she has been working on for tow years. Bridesmaid was used as a front for her to fund this passion project of hers.

So Imogene is right now a go and it will be getting ready in the coming weeks. The film will be expected to hit theaters in August. American Splendor directors Shari Springer Berman and Robert Pucini were set to direct based on a script from Michelle Morgan.

The film will be shooting in the summer. “It’s basically about a girl who kind of pretends to kill herself,” Wiig told Playlist exclusively in March, “Starting off really funny, isn’t it? She does it to get her recently ex-boyfriend’s attention. She ends up having to go live with her mom, whom she hasn’t seen in years. It’s kind of about going back home, so she finds her life again and gets reintroduced to her family, kind of a coming home story.”

“It’s a comedy about a woman who in a very funny kind of situation is living in New York City,” Berman told us this spring. “And she winds up having to be in the custody of her mother who she really doesn’t get along with, and her crazy family, living outside of Atlantic City in New Jersey, and all she wants to do is get back to New York City.”
Pulcini praised the script. “[Michelle]’s a very unique female comic voice.She was an actor who has become a very in-demand screenwriter now and Shari and I really liked her voice and thought it was different,” he said, then went on to describe the tone and story a little bit. “[Kristen’s character] finds out all of these family secrets that spiral her whole life further into disarray. It’s kind of hard to describe, it’s a great character comedy movie.”
The cast of the film still has to be finalized. There are rumors of Jesse Eisenberg and Paul Rudd trying to join the cast. Wiig will also be an executive producer on this project. The cast announcements will be up soon.